Accepted Paper List

Main Tracks

Regular Personal Data Analytics to Facilitate Cyber Individual Modeling
Regular A Scheme for Controlling Functionality of Mobile Device Using Specialized Codes
Regular A Visual Inspection System for Rail Corrugation Based on Local Frequency Features
Regular Emerging Mobile Communication Technologies for Healthcare System in 5G Network
Regular Device to Device D2D Based Local Mobile Crowdsourcing with Social Awareness
Regular Surface Construction from Kinect RGB-D Stream
Regular Message Forwarding Strategies in Device-to-Device Based Mobile Social Networking in Proximity MSNP
Regular Record Linkage Using the Combination of Twice Iterative SVM Training and Controllable Manual Review
Regular Software Defined Small Cell Networking Under Dynamic Traffic Patterns
Regular Radio Resource Allocation for D2D-enabled Massive Machine Communication in the 5G Era
Regular Perspectives on Cyber Science and Technology for Cyberization and Cyber-enabled Worlds
Regular Applying Virtual Coordination Anchor Node to Routing Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks
Regular New Features Ranking for Phishing
Poster Perceptual Computing in Telemedicine: Towards a New Architecture for Heart Failure Monitoring
Poster A Fault Injection Simulation Method Based on Petri Net
Poster A Cyber Voice Recognition with Low SNR
Poster Evaluation of Network Risk Using Attack Graph Based Security Metrics
Poster What Influence the Students’ Learning Experience? The Impact of Peer Learning in an Online Environment


Special Session on Cyber Data Mining for Natural Language Processing (CDM4NLP)

Special Session Review of Research on Computer-games for Tibetan Chess
Special Session The Design and Implementation of a High-efficiency Distributed Web Crawler
Special Session Ontology Modeling and Application of Multi-agent for Negotiation System
Special Session A Preliminary Study of Plant Domain Ontology


Special Session on User Modeling driven Personalized Services in Social Cyberspace (UMPSSC)

Special Session A Proportional Multi-Resource Scheduling Strategy in SDCloud
Special Session The Construction and Analysis of Baidu Baike Entry Network
Special Session Socialized User Modeling in the Microbloging Scenarios for Interest Prediction
Special Session Overview of the Task Management System of Ternary Optical Computer
Special Session An Asynchronous Distributed ADMM Algorithm and Efficient Communication Model


Special Session on Cyber Social Computing and Cyber-Enabled Applications (CSC&CEA)

Special Session Analysis and Modeling for Interaction with Mobility Based on Pi-Calculus
Special Session A Probabilistic Perspective Model for Recommendation Considering Long Tail Effect
Special Session An Ontology Pattern for Emergency Event Modeling
Special Session An Image Encryption Method Based on RSFPrLR and RSLPrFLCirculant Matrices
Special Session Overlap Community Detection Based on Node Convergence Degree


Special Session on Cyber Security and Privacy with Network Log Analytics (CyberSPNLA)

Special Session An Anonymous Taxi Dispatch and Mobile Payment System
Special Session Intrusion Detection Based on IDBM
Special Session Bilingual Documents Learning to Rank Based on Document Similarity
Special Session A MapReduce-Based Framework for Analyzing Web Logs in Offline Streams
Special Session Measuring Structural Resilience Through a Carrier Network Model


Special Session on Big Data Techniques and Image Processing Under Cyber (BDTIPCC)

Special Session Noisy Problem on Discrete Linear Consensus Protocol in Networked Multi-agent Systems
Special Session ShapeNets: Image Representation Based on the Shape
Special Session Causal Association AnalysisCAA Algorithm For MOOC Learning Behavior and Learning Effect
Special Session Construction of Learning Partners Based on Learning Interest
Special Session Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Self-similarity and Dictionary Neighborhood
Special Session An Adaptive Interpolation Algorithm Based on the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform
Special Session Saliency Detection Based on Multi-Scale Image Features
Special Session Weakly-supervised Classification of Pulmonary Nodules Based on Shape Characters
Special Session Single Image Dehazing Method Under the Influence of Un-uniform Illumination


Special session on Cyber-Physical System for Sustainability (CPS4S)

Special Session Managing Energy Efficiency in the Cloud Computing Environment using SNMPv3
Special Session Evaluation of ICT Environmental Impact for an SME
Special Session Effective Green IT Strategy in a UK Higher Education Institute
Special Session An Evaluation of the Impact of Remote Collaboration Tools on Corporate Sustainability
Special Session Sustainable Availability Provision in Distributed Cloud